We feed our bodies daily, but are we properly feeding our souls? Complete and balanced nutrition is critical to physical, mental, and emotional health; together, let’s seek complete and balanced “nutrition” for our spiritual health.

Our generation is plagued with depression and loneliness, stemming from an unmet desire to be known, accepted, and loved. What if that desire could be fulfilled? We are here to show you that there is hope, for everyone in everything. The content we share is for the believer and non-believer alike to receive with open hearts, just like the very Word of God. We hope that our insights can help you break the pattern of limiting God’s power to our own understanding, and instead open our limited understanding to the unfathomable greatness of His power.

God created us in his image, meaning we are called to relationship; when we seek alternative means to feed the soul, we are left hungry and unsatisfied. Our community offers soul calories, which we believe to be the sole calories we need to truly live. Together, we can get connected to the body of Christ, learning to look to God and to each other in our deepest places of need. This blog is not a one-way street – rather, we exist as an open community in order to share our lives with one another via posts, discussion, and prayer. Through sharing our vulnerabilities and triumphs, we can overcome the weight of our sin nature, and rejoice in the glory of God.

Come hungry, and leave filled with the Bread of Life.

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profile picture source: http://www.unityhawaii.org/2012/3760/the-daily-bread-of-life
cover picture source: http://www.forwallpaper.com/wallpaper/trees-sunset-leaves-road-nature-landscape-beautiful-majestic-135904.html

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